Friday, July 6, 2007

Job interviews: what should I ask?

This concept may be new for you, right? The idea that we have about job interviews is someone asking us a lot of questions, but the fact is that we should be prepared to ask some questions. Try to ask about things have no information available through the internet or any other media.

Making well prepared questions will both give you valuable knowledge about the organization, and also makes a good impression to the interviewer. Some questions you could ask are:

-How and how often will my performance be measured?
-Will there be opportunities of growth in this organization?
-What would be the goals of the organization in the near future?
-Have the organization meet its goals for the last year?
-How is this organization structured?
-What would be the greatest challenge in the job?
-Why should I accept, in case I am offered the position?
Job interview tip, preparing for a job interview